High Ropes - Outdoor Activity

We have 7 elements on our high ropes field. They all promote encouragement and support as some will find it easier or harder than others. It will push their flexibility, strength and balance and (activity dependant) can be a challenge for individuals or small groups.

Crate Stack – Pairs works together with the whole groups support to get as high as possible on the crates without collapsing.

Burma Bridge – one person at a time walking along a thin wire suspended high above the ground.

Inclined Logs – two suspended logs, one much higher than the other, that are traversed; a personal challenge.

Leap of Faith – climb a 8 meter pole & launch yourself into the air to punch a large ball.

Jacob’s Ladder – working in pairs they must boost and help each other to climb the giant ladder.

High All Aboard – this element needs the whole team to work together, as four people at a time climb to the top of a pole, belayed by their team members.

It’s a mystery – new challenge coming soon!!!

Duration: 1.5 Hours per element