Summer & Day Camps

Mill on the Brue has run unaccompanied
children’s holidays for over 30 years

Mill on the Brue has run unaccompanied children’s holidays during the summer for over 30 years, ensuring your child feels safe and welcome right from the start.

Surrounded by children or teens of their own age, your child will learn and grow in confidence whilst having a great time conquering some of our 40 adventurous summer camp activities.

Summer Camps

Our UK summer camps create a friendly atmosphere that is a ‘home from home’ and where everyone knows each other.

Our residential summer camps UK cater for only 72 children aged 8-15 years old, per week : 18th July to 21st August 2021. With over 40 activities, outdoor pursuits and games to take part in, it amounts to nothing short of fantastic fun.

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Day Camps

If you are looking for an exciting, challenging and most of all a fun place for a child to be for the day, then we have the perfect solution!

20th July until 14th August 2020 - There’s no problem about being bored and it is a relief for parents knowing their child is being looked after by professionals.

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