Adults Activities


Management training, team building, or just fun! We know you’ll love our outdoor activities for adults. As a qualified and very experienced team of HR trainers and outdoor tutors, we will visit your company or organisation to establish exactly what the needs are, and after much discussion and planning, put together your course programme.

With over 40 outdoor activities for adults to choose on our 25-acre estate we can tailor make your programme to suit the needs and requirements of your group.

Management training

Some Managers are born but many can be trained. In the work place, employees are often placed in management positions but do not have the skills or the experience to cope. This leads to frustration, negativity and sometimes even resignation.

Team building

In these days of fierce competition in the business and organisational world, teamwork and great communication are vital. However, so many people, particularly if they are sitting in front of computers all day, find it difficult to work as a team.

Fun days

We provide lots of fun activities for adults, whether it is for a group of people from the work place, maybe a stag or hen day or just wanting to get away for the day and do something different. We can help write a fun, stretching and challenging programme for a day or half day with a delicious lunch as well.

The Longhouse

You can hire the entire centre exclusively for your wedding. We have a civil wedding licence to take place either in The Longhouse or in the intimate surrounding of the wine cellar.

Happy couple getting married at The Longhouse
  • Able to seat up to 140 guests.
  • Recommended caterers who give each couple what they
  • Amazing views overlooking the Brue valley.

Over 40 activities

Image of Air Rifle Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting

Image of Animal Feed

Animal Feed

Image of Apple Pressing

Apple Pressing

Image of Archery


Image of Assault Course

Assault Course

Image of Blind Fury

Blind Fury

Image of Bottomless Pit

Bottomless Pit

Image of Canoeing (open)

Canoeing (open)

Image of Challenge Track 1

Challenge Track 1

Image of Challenge Track 2

Challenge Track 2

Image of Challenge Track 3

Challenge Track 3

Image of Challenge Track 4

Challenge Track 4

Image of Climbing Tower

Climbing Tower

Image of Colony Game

Colony Game

Image of Cooking in the Clay Oven

Cooking in the Clay Oven

Image of Crafts


Image of Crazy Olympics

Crazy Olympics

Image of Crossing the River

Crossing the River

Image of Disco


Image of Discovering Bruton

Discovering Bruton

Image of Fire Lighting

Fire Lighting

Image of Garden to Table

Garden to Table

Image of Grass Toboggans

Grass Toboggans

Image of Great Egg Drop

Great Egg Drop

Image of Great Slab

Great Slab

Image of Great Wall

Great Wall

Image of High Ropes

High Ropes

Image of Icebreakers


Image of Low Ropes

Low Ropes

Image of Night Line

Night Line

Image of Night Walk

Night Walk

Image of Orienteering


Image of Putting it Together (12+)

Putting it Together (12+)

Image of Rafting


Image of River Splosh

River Splosh

Image of River Study

River Study

Image of Save the River

Save the River

Image of Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue

Image of Sheep & Shepherd

Sheep & Shepherd

Image of Sliding + Gliding

Sliding + Gliding

Image of Spider’s Web

Spider’s Web

Image of The Beast

The Beast

Image of The Great Egg Race

The Great Egg Race

Image of Tower Jump

Tower Jump

Image of Trebuchet


Image of Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing

Image of Trust Us

Trust Us

Image of Tunnelling


Image of Video Making

Video Making

Image of Water Slide

Water Slide

Image of Zip Wires

Zip Wires