Terms & Conditions for Summer Camps


Mill on the Brue Limited is a full member and inspected by BAPA the British Activity Provider Association,  established to ensure competent and safe procedures for centres working with young people. Mill on the Brue follows the guidelines laid down by the national governing body for each outdoor pursuit.  We are members of the Institute of Outdoor Learning.  Mill on the Brue complies with the requirements of the Somerset Fire Service.


The Centre holds Public Liability Insurance.  Before your child's stay they must be covered by curtailment and cancellation holiday insurance.

In the event of a valid cancellation you will be able to reclaim through your own insurance.


The courses and activities offered at the Centre may be strenuous at times, but are within the capabilities of children/teenagers of average health. However, participants should ensure that they are in a satisfactory state of health before embarking on a course. Parents are requested to provide any relevant medical and dietary information before the child’s stay.


Activities, instruction, specialist equipment, all accommodation and full board are included. There are no added supplements.


Every effort will be made to complete course programmes, but all courses and activities are subject to the weather and other unavoidable conditions. The Centre reserves the right to alter and cancel programmes.

The Centre reserves the right to exclude from the activity programme or the Centre any person whose behaviour endangers themselves or others, or is deemed inappropriate.