Frequently asked questions
about staying at Mill on the Brue

Planning the Holiday

How old does my child have to be to stay at Mill On The Brue?

Children from the age of 8 years at the time of the holiday. Maximum age 15 years.

Can my child stay for two weeks?

Yes! We frequently have children staying for two weeks. If possible they will be moved into another group for the 2nd week so as not to repeat the same activity programme.

£130 extra charge if staying the Saturday evening / Sunday morning.

What is the cost of a week’s summer camp for 2022?

The total cost is £695, which covers everything except travel to and from the Centre.

How do I know when to pay my balance?

You will receive a letter/e-mail after your booking is made, reminding you that all balances are due 6 weeks before the summer camp start date.  Or if you book after 30th March 2022 we ask for the balance to be paid in full at the time of booking.

I would like to stay near Mill On The Brue, can you recommend anywhere?

Yes. We have a list of local Bed and Breakfast accommodation click here to view, please contact the proprietors directly to make a booking.

Have you suggestions for what the children should pack?

We provide a kit list for you – Download here; please read it carefully and be sure to name absolutely everything. All clothes need to be prepared to get dirty!  It has been known in past years for children to arrive without some of the items on the list.  The weather in Somerset can be sunny and warm but on occasions it has been known to rain!

If your child is staying for more than one week we will wash and dry their clothes for them at the end of their first week (at no extra charge) so there is no need to duplicate.

Will my child need Pocket Money?

We recommend no more than £40 per child for buying anything from our tuck shop.  Pocket money is handed in to Mill on the Brue Staff on arrival, for safekeeping.

The Journey

When do we drop off our child at Mill On The Brue?

From 1:30pm on Sunday afternoon we will be waiting to welcome you.

The children will meet their group instructors who will show them and you (if you would like) to their bedrooms to choose a bed. Once the entire group has arrived, they will be taken on a tour of Mill on the Brue, which is a really invaluable way for everyone to get their bearings. Please try and avoid arriving before this time. If you’re going to arrive later than 2:30pm please let the office know.

Is it possible to book a seat on our private coach from London?

Yes!  We are hiring a private coach to leave Richmond Underground Station, The Quadrant, London on each Sunday from 11:30am.  The coach will aim to arrive back at Richmond on each Saturday at 5:30pm.  You can book your ticket at the same time as the place.

How much does this cost?

We are waiting for the coach quotes so this is to be confirmed by January 2022.


Travelling from overseas

What is the best airport for my child to arrive at?

The nearest airport to Mill on the Brue is Bristol (approximately 45 minutes drive). Alternatively, use London Heathrow (approximately 2 hours drive) or London Gatwick (approximately 2 ½ hours from us). If you give us plenty of warning, we can book a taxi for your child to be collected from the airport and at the end of their stay returned (and checked in) by a local taxi company that we’ve been working with for many years.

How much will I have to pay for the taxi?

The prices for the taxi has not been fixed yet.  Please ring the office for more details. 01749 812 307. Latest booking for taxis are two weeks before the beginning of the holiday.

When booking flights how do I ensure my child arrives at Mill on the Brue close to 1:30pm on Sunday?

We request that you book a flight that arrives at Heathrow or Gatwick before 5.00 pm on the Sunday or 6.30 pm at Bristol. Arrival each Sunday is 1:30 pm. Bristol airport is 45 minutes away, Heathrow is 2 hours from Mill on the Brue and Gatwick is 2 ½ hours from us.

Also please book a flight which leaves on the Saturday no earlier than 11.00am from Bristol or 2.30pm from Heathrow or Gatwick as they have to get to the airport 2 hours in advance of the flight time to check in.

If travelling from overseas do I need to pack a sleeping bag?

We have a limited number of Centre sleeping bags but would ask you to try to pack a sleeping bag if you own one. It is possible to hire a sleeping bag for a small charge from Mill on the Brue.

Will my child be the only one person from our country in their group?

I’m afraid not! We have many children coming from many countries and it would be impossible to regulate. However all activities are spoken in English by our instructors and therefore it is best if your child has a moderate / good understanding of English before booking them into our summer camps. We want them to enjoy their time with us which is considerably harder if they are completely unable to communicate.

During your childs stay

Can my child be in the same group as a friend?

If you make a request, we will do our best to make sure this happens. If the children are of different ages, then it is likely that the older child would go into the younger group.

My child’s birthday falls during their stay at Mill on the Brue; how do you celebrate it?

We bake them a special birthday cake, which will be shared out with their group at teatime.

Where will my child sleep?

In bedrooms either in the main Victorian house, the Clubhouse (converted barn) or The Garden Cabin. Room sizes vary between 12 and 4 depending on the room. Wherever possible we always try to put similar aged children in the same bedroom. It really helps getting them to bed and making friends.

Can my child bring a mobile phone to Mill on the Brue?

Please leave all mobile phones at home! In our experience the children are far happier being immersed into their stay and telling you all about their experiences at the end. Alternatively sending them an email (info@millonthebrue.co.uk) or even a postcard can be a really great way to make contact as we find if a child is going to get homesick it’s when they talk to their parents!

I would like to talk to my child how could I do this?

All children coming from abroad are helped to phone home as soon as they arrive. In other cases unless it’s an absolute emergency we would ask you to just wait until the end of your childs stay.

What if my child suffers from homesickness?

We are always on the look out for signs of homesickness and ready to offer support to those who succumb to it. Keeping busy is often the best prevention and there is plenty of opportunity for that here! In our experience if you have any doubt about homesickness it’s better to avoid speaking directly to your child as this can exacerbate the problem and be traumatic for both of you! Writing a letter or e-mail which we can print off and give to your child is a much more lasting way of showing you care. We will always contact you if we have any concerns regarding your child.

Do you cater for special diets?

Yes. Over the past years we’ve catered for many diets such as dairy free and coeliac diets. If a child comes to us with a major intolerance then part of health and safety procedure is to take a photo of them, which identifies them to all the kitchen staff.

If clothes and towels end up soaking wet after activities, is there anyway of drying them?

Yes. We have washing lines and a drying room specifically for this purpose and housekeeping staff will always help out.

What time is prize giving on the Saturday afternoon?

1:30 pm prompt so please try and arrive at least 15 minutes earlier. The prize giving takes around 45 minutes and we think it’s a lovely way to finish the week by getting all the children to together.

If we haven’t covered any further points that you would like to know the answer before sending your child please email Matt or Kate at admin@millonthebrue.co.uk or call our office 01749 812307 and we will be more than happy to have a chat.