Our Story

A unique family-run, award-winning outdoor
activity centre in Bruton, Somerset

Mill on the Brue was started in 1982 by Tony & Tricia Rawlingson Plant. Both had a background in the outdoors, training and development.

Having been in partnership for two years with Gants Mill down the river they bought Trendle Farm, which had been sprayed and manicured, trees felled and hillsides burned to create a barren nine hole golf course on 20 acres. Tony & Tricia immediately instigated a ‘no chemical spray’ policy, and set about replanting trees and reinstating hedgerows while at the same time building up the business. In 1990 the partnership ended and Tony & Tricia with the help of staff moved the whole Centre to Trendle Farm.

It has always been very much in the family, with our three children working and contributing and in January 2004 Matt, our younger son, joined Mill on the Brue as a Director. He brought extensive outdoor experience, invaluable planning and business skills to the centre. In October 2005 Matt married Flora who not only worked as a group leader for us in 2005 but is now a teacher. On 16th November 2007 Flora gave birth to Polly and then 30th December 2009 Islay which now means there are 8 grand children who all love Mill on the Brue!

Flora, Polly, Islay and Matt

Developing Skill Sets

We have always believed in developing the individual and the team – using the outdoors in an appropriate manner with children and adults has produced some startling and lasting results. Confidence building, achievement, self worth, understanding of self and others is positive testament to the power of the outdoors.

By creating a beautiful environment within the whole of the 25 acres it brings out the best in our staff and customers acting as a nurturing, stable environment where people feel confident to push their physical and mental boundaries.

Very sadly Tony died on 23rd December 2009 but his spirit lives on in the creation of the centre and all the developments which have taken place in the last 40+ years.

The Tony Trust

Following Tony’s death the family set up a charitable trust named after him.

Grants from The Tony Trust enable young people to enjoy the life changing experience of an outdoor adventure course, who would not otherwise have the financial means to do so. The Tony Trust remains completely independent of Mill on the Brue and has already supported over twenty individuals on courses throughout the UK.

To find out more about The Tony Trust, or donate and help change the lives of young people, please follow this link.

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