Green Ethos

Green thinking behind all we do

Why? Well it’s not too difficult really.

Our Environmental Plans

Going back back some 40 years the Rawlingson Plant family always had an allotment and some hens to provide the family with homegrown and delicious tasting vegetables, fruit and eggs.

We then spent five years in the Outer Hebrides where our children were given a love of nature and the changing seasons.  How many can watch the ground nesting birds (no trees in the Hebrides)  rear their young, learn about tides, weather changes, wild seas and what is in them , hike up heather clad mountains, drink from the pure streams and wonder at the endless light in the middle of May.  Living with all the incredible wildlife, sea birds, otters, and the wonderful wild flowers on the Machair.  This imbued in all of us the love of nature and a determination not to damage the land or the wildlife.

In 1984 Tony and Tricia bought Trendle Farm for Mill on the Brue. Originally in the 17th century it had been part of a large farm of cider apple trees, then a dairy farm and in the 1960's turned into a 9 hole golf course.  Unfortunately it had been sprayed constantly with a cocktail of chemicals, there were no trees, hedgerows, no wild life - just an artificially green 'desert'.

We vowed never to spray again, to plant trees and reinstate hedgerows and to encourage the wild life to return.  This we have done over the last 38 years as well as introducing many environmental practices which you can read about.  And it will continue!

We've Always Been Green
Reinstated hedgerows
Solar drying room
Food composter
Rain water harvesting tank
49kw PV panels
Bee-friendly flowers
Over 7,400 trees planted
Recycled rubber tyre roof
Solar thermal panel on all the buildings
Geothermal heating

Green News and other stuff

Before becoming green was fashionable we have always been forward thinking about the environment.  Each customer that comes to Mill on the Brue will learn something about being environmentally responsible.  From recycling bins to press taps, seasonal food to recycled rubber tiles on our roofs we endeavor to be as innovative  as possible when it comes to saving the planet.  Gold at the Bristol, Bath & Somerset Tourism Awards

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Green Tourism Business Scheme

The GTBS scheme is a not for profit organisation; the aim is to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of sustainable tourism.  As one of the first businesses in Somerset to be awarded the Gold standard continuously since 2009 over eight years we’re really proud of this award.


Over the years there has been extensive tree planting (est 7,500 trees) with the total number of varieties now standing at 111. This includes all the indigenous trees of Britain.

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Fruit & Veg Gardens

With about 1 acre of vegetable gardens our estate team and volunteers grow a majority of our organic veg. The visiting school children can participate in a popular ‘Garden to Table’ activity.

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Eco Builds

What is an eco build? Minimising impact? Using natural materials? Re-cycling existing materials or all of the above? We’ve put our money where our mouths are and tried many ideas.

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Flower Gardens

We think that enhancing a beautiful valley with bee friendly flowers can be benefical to everyone.

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The Wonderful World of Energy Production

We use many forms of technology in the heating, energy use and water management of the centre...

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By providing suitable habitats and managing certain areas for wildlife, a number of rare and scarce creatures can be found at Mill on the Brue including the Rugged Oil Beetle.

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Eco Code

Before it was headline news we always tried to preserve our environment. Thinking of new ideas and ensuring customers and staff come on board is a constant challenge!

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