School Trips

Superb Opportunity To provide children with valuable Life skills and New experiences

School Trips for all seasons

Residential activity centres are great for providing children with valuable new skills and learning experiences. Mill on the Brue is one of the best outdoor education and activity centres for school groups, offering a diverse range of adventurous activities and fantastic educational holidays.

Overnight trips away to activity centres for children are consistently popular amongst schools and youth groups. With 40 years of experience in running an activity centre for school groups, we get lots of schools returning to us year after year. Our school residential trips not only involve fun onsite activities, but can also include environmental and field studies too.

"You should be very proud of all your staff and the centre".

Sutton Veny

"Celebrating our 30th year coming to Mill on the Brue that should tell you how wonderful it is"!

Princes Mead

"Fun and challenging in a family environment with wonderful homemade food.  A personalized experience for every child".


Great reasons to come

  • Individually written programmes for your school in consultation with the Party Leader.
  • Choose your emphasis – teamwork and social skills, the environment and conservation or link the course to the National Curriculum.
  • We provide one instructor for every group of up to 12 students - the same instructor stays with the group throughout your stay.
  • Qualified and experienced instructors, all with enhanced DBS checks.
  • Risk assessments updated annually and sent to you on request.
  • Accredited centre for Learning in The Outdoor Classroom (LoTC) – perfect for an educational trip.

Expect fun, adventure, friendship and much more...

You, as the school's Party Leader, can choose from over 40 outdoor pursuits, adventurous activities, tasks, games and projects.  We will work with you to create an individual programme to suit your group.

The majority of the activities are on site, making the most of the time and ensuring at least six activities per day.

If you wish, there can be an emphasis on teamwork and social skills and/ or the environment and conservation. Additionally the programme can be linked to the Geography or History National Curriculum with a town or river study. Whatever you choose it will be fun.

All our staff are trained, well qualified and experienced.

School Trip Details

Duration: 5 Days or 2 Days

Between: Monday to Friday morning, or late Friday to Sunday afternoon

Capacity: Accommodation for 90 (in three separate buildings) students and 11 staff - New for 2020 Rivermead House (on the edge of Mill on the Brue land) 33 students plus 4 staff

Info: MoB staff will meet you at the bottom of our drive and transport all the bags up to the accommodation.

School Trip Discounts

If the group size is more than 50 children then we will give three free places (children's places) to the group.
For every 12 children there is one free teacher's place.

Ideal Location

Mill On The Brue is located in Bruton, Somerset, near to the borders of Dorset and Wiltshire. It is an ideal school residential trip location being just one hour from Bath and Bristol and 2 hours from London.

First Class Outdoor Education Trips

Mill On The Brue specialises in offering first class outdoor education trips and outdoor adventure courses which create a fantastic atmosphere for skills development in many areas.

“A genuinely incomparable experience, I know of no other centre anywhere close to those high standards. Superb!!!” Chafyn Grove School, Salisbury

‘Celebrating our 30th year coming to Mill on the Brue, that should tell you how wonderful it is!!
Princes Mead School, Winchester

Every child who comes to Mill on the Brue on a residential trip can be introduced to NOLA (National Outdoor Learning Award) if the accompanying teachers wish.

It is either self assessed or peer assessed and there are six value areas: Safe, learn, respect, self, others and environment. There are 18 skills which are linked to numerous learning theories and the National Curriculum.

For example: ‘I listened to my friends’ ideas’, (respect), ‘I was prepared’ (safe) ‘I learnt to follow’ (learn). It is based on the theory of plan, do and review and each student is given a card to take away with them having completed some, most or all of the learning outcomes.

We have introduced hundreds of children to NOLA over the past year – if you wish to learn more please contact us.

Sustainable Food in award winning surroundings

Carefully planned menus with locally sourced produce and our own organic vegetables are served in our environmentally built, award winning Longhouse dining room.

Bespoke activity programmes

We understand each group wants different outcomes from their visit and that is why we individually write your programme having asked you for your choice of activities.

To gain a better understanding of how the week can vary so much we’ve written three sample programmes for a typical group split into four groups (no more than 12 children in a group).

Team Building Emphasis (download)

Environmental education emphasis (download)

Fun and development emphasis (download)

Membership to governing bodies

The Activity Centres (Young Persons’ Safety) Act 1995 and the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004 make it a legal requirement for providers of certain adventure activities for young people to undergo an inspection of their safety management systems and hold a licence. BAPA – British Activity Providers Association sets the standard for Quality, Safety and Value for activity centres and residential and day camp providers.