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Tricia Rawlingson-Plant one of the founding directors of Mill on the Brue, writes her monthly news at Mill on the Brue, Bruton and her thoughts and concerns for the future.

April 2024

Apprentices, litter picks and charities.

Some Bruton residents might have noticed groups of adults in high viz jackets walking around the town with slightly puzzled expressions, possibly holding maps, maybe looking lost. They were part of over 90 apprentices who unfortunately for them attended a week’s course at Mill on the Brue during the worst weather of this winter. We had an expedition planned for them on the Wednesday in February (worst day of the week weather wise) which went ahead but really tested their motivation and resilience, as for our instructors who were out all day too. Great opportunities however while reviewing to make the connection between what happened to them and their colleagues on that day and take that learning back to their work place. There is huge relevance between what happens during a planned task outdoors, how people manage it individually and as a team, and what they would do at work. Communication, decision making, problem solving, negotiation, support – the list is endless.


We have been doing a lot of recruiting for this year and delighted to welcome Reece, our new Head of Operations who started with us at the beginning of March. This is an extremely responsible role and it has taken us many months to find the right person with suitable qualifications and experience. And it is the experience which really matters – qualifications definitely but drawing on many years of ‘doing’ which is essential.

Reece, Head of the Operations team

Every year we all put our chosen charity into a hat – the one with the most votes becomes our charity of the year.  This year The Brue Larder gained the most votes, and we hope that we will be able to increase the funds with a couple of events at Mill on the Brue – more of that in coming editions.


Finally the annual litter pick we started many years ago. We call it Spring cleaning Bruton and hopefully there will be many volunteers to really make the town sparkle, even if it is for only a couple of days! I hope too that the schools will also organise their own during the year as they did in 2023 as it’s vital that children learn not to just drop their rubbish on the ground; it’s unsightly, bad for the environment and dangerous for wildlife. On a positive note I think there is far less around though it could be that the foul weather has kept everyone indoors. Let’s see what happens if we have a hot summer.



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