Weddings at The Longhouse

14th September, 2013

You may not know that we’ve been hosting wedding ceremonies and receptions since 2006. When we first built the Longhouse in 2005 many people commented on how stunning a setting it was with the incredible views looking out to the valley, trees and our vineyard. Flora and I had our wedding reception only a few weeks after the building competition completion and since then we’ve held around 120 weddings. It’s been a fascinating journey and a complete change to from the outdoor industry, but actually there are some similar considerations about looking after both sets types of customers. Whether someone is interested in having their wedding at Mill on the Brue or an outdoor experience we have continued to make it a relaxed, enjoyable and stress free experience! To know that you’re helping to create one of the most memorable experiences of that person’s life is an absolute privilege.
Next year will be first in our history as one of the brides having their wedding with us used to come to Mill on the Brue as a child to our summer camps.
This summer we had a beautiful oak gazebo built at the end of the Longhouse lawn. Bruce and Athol did an incredible job planting out many flowers, including the lavender bed, in time for our first ceremony only a week after our summer camps. The gazebo now gives the opportunity for couples really wanting to take full advantage of having their civil ceremony outside below the beautiful vineyard setting. Bookings for 2014 are extremely healthy and we already have bookings for 2015!