50 Things to do

8th June, 2020

50 things to do


Things to do when there is nothing to do indoors


  1. Go through the whole alphabet naming a fruit beginning with each letter
  2. Dream up the perfect theme park ride
  3. Create a new word using the first letter of everyone’s name
  4. Design the perfect holiday
  5. See how big a grin you can make ….who has the most unique/unusual/infectious grin
  6. Touch your nose with your tongue
  7. Make your ears wiggle
  8. Touch your elbow with your tongue
  9. How many flavours of ice cream can you name
  10. Invent a new ice-cream flavour
  11. Calculate the average age and total age of the group
  12. Thumb wrestle
  13. Play charades
  14. Plan a wonderful dinner with each person contributing one dish
  15. Go round the group and say one great thing about each person
  16. See how many tennis balls one person can hold at a time
  17. Balance a ball on your head
  18. How many different colours are there in your home?
  19. Do a cartwheel
  20. Give imaginary gifts to each other saying why you thought that gift was appropriate
  21. Pick up litter
  22. How many pictures and photographs are in hour home?
  23. List everything you are thankful for
  24. Virtual Group hug
  25. Share your favourite joke
  26. Have a silly face contest
  27. Juggle
  28. Come up the most amazing sandwich
  29. Make a new recipe (With a parent/older sibling/grandparents/aunt or uncle)
  30. Each person says the first five things they see (take turns for each one) and make up a story using these
  31. Design an animal with each person contributing one feature
  32. Design a new app
  33. Do an impression – plant, animal, a celebrity…
  34. Design a cake
  35. Share your favourite children TV show
  36. Share your favourite board game
  37. Make paper aeroplanes
  38. Count how many steps it takes to walk into every room in your house
  39. Where do you come from? – how many places do your family come from
  40. Balance a spoon on your nose
  41. How many people can you get in one sweater
  42. Design a new toy
  43. All dance to a tune in your head
  44. Tell a continuous story
  45. Make your ears wiggle
  46. Make animal shapes with your fingers
  47. Learn to tie a specific knot
  48. Create a cheer using everyone’s last name
  49. Sing your favourite advert jungle
  1. ………one for you to come up with….