5 reasons why more British parents are sending their kids to summer camps in the UK

13th April, 2018

More and more British parents are sending their kids to summer camps in the UK, including here at Mill on the Brue. We love holding our annual summer camps and have put together five reasons why we think summer camps for kids are such an important experience.

1. Increase confidence and independence

Summer camps can help kids increase their confidence by providing them with exciting and fun challenges. Learning to persevere within a new environment can help kids to become much more resilient and independent. They learn to believe in their own abilities and feel a powerful sense of achievement when succeeding at something demanding.

2. Develop lifelong friendships

Possessing social skills is an essential trait that will continue to aid development. At summer camp, kids are encouraged to be sociable, to share, to support and to learn the value of friendship from an early age. Many of them even end up making lifelong friendships while they are there.

3. Learning new skills

Educating kids outdoors can be equally as important for their development as academic learning. Summer camp teaches kids new skills such as leadership, teamwork, perseverance, listening and communication and critical thinking by engaging in fun, outdoor activities and tasks.

4. Keeps kids active

Residential summer camps are a great way to show kids that being outdoors is just as fun as playing the latest video games. Surveys show that three quarters of children are spending less time outdoors than prison inmates. Experts warn these shocking stats are having a negative impact on the health and personal development of children during crucial years.
Mill on the Brue summer camps provides kids with a wide range of fantastic outdoor activities. Mobile phones and electronic equipment are also not allowed, so the kids must communicate face to face and use their instinct to make decisions, complete set tasks, navigate and work together. It’s a small reminder of what fun being outdoors can be whilst learning lifelong skills along the way.

5. It is a lot of fun!

Not only is Summer Camp educational, active and great for your child’s personal development, but it is also a lot of fun! Many kids who have been to summer camp in the UK return again and again due to the wonderful experiences they have had. At Mill on the Brue, we offer over 40 different activities, lots of adventure and a great place for your child to spend their time over the summer. Just check out our testimonials!