We’ve had some lovely lambs being born over the past couple of weeks.  Tim, Athol, Tricia, Matt and others have been getting up at all hours of the night to check that everything was going well.  Early on in the lambing period we sadly we lost a ewe.  This left two healthy twins to be bottle fed by the MoB lambing team!

‘It’s been like looking after baby twins at times’ said Tim, Head Gardener.

Tony and Tricia first bought the rare breed Lincoln Longwool sheep in 1986 and have had a small flock ever since.  The sheep have a gentle character and grow slower than most breeds of sheep.  As the name suggests they have an incredibly thick fleece which is fantastic in the cold winter months but quickly shorn in the early summer.  The sheep cut and fertilise the grass as well as providing a good opportunity for the visiting children to get close to a farm animal and learn more about them.

BL8A6687 - Version 2 Mill on the Brue has had these breed of sheep since 1986 Woolly love?