Summer Camping Groups

Summer Camping

Summer Camping for School Educational & Youth Groups

12th – 16th September 2016 45 places available!

Camping offers great value, providing groups the opportunity to enjoy school educational trips at a great location.  We know you will love our secluded Somerset campsite, along with a fun packed programme of activities all within Mill On The Brue.  The campsite is open from May to the end of September.


Sitting around a campfire at mill on the brue

Great Reasons to Come

  • Tents are sturdy and water proof, built on wooden platforms
  • Real beds, pillows, sheets, duvet and blankets for teachers
  • Showers and loos reserved just for campers
  • Camp beds, pillows & blankets for campers
  • Central Campfire area with benches and a plentiful supply of wood
  • Large lambing barn with tables & chairs on the camp site for use in the evening.
  • Own football area.
  • Solar drying room specifically for the campers.
  • Tea / coffee facilities in the Lambing Barn for visiting staff.
  • Solar lighting for staff tents.

Expect fun, adventure, friendship and much more...

You, as the School’s party leaders, choose from over 40 activities , tasks, games and projects, and we write an individual programme for your stay.

The majority of the activities are on site, making the most of the time and ensuring at least six activities per day.

If you wish, there can be an emphasis on teamwork and social skills and/ or the environment and conservation. Additionally the programme can be linked to the Geography or History National Curriculum with a town or river study.

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Camping Group Details

Duration: 5 Days or Weekend
Between: Monday to Friday morning, or late Friday to sunday afternoon (see available dates)
Capacity: Accommodation for 45 students and 4 staff

Camping Group Discounts

  • If the group size if more than 50 children then we will give three free places to the group.

First class outdoor education

Mill On The Brue specialises in offering first class outdoor education and outdoor adventure courses which create the right atmosphere for skills development in many areas. Click here to read some testimonials from past visiting teaching staff

The Apple Store is our environmental centre/ classroom built from recycled materials and specifically designed to teach children about protecting our environment.

All our staff are well qualified, experienced and checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

Organic Meals in award winning surroundings

Carefully planned menus with locally sourced produce and our own organic vegetables are served in our environmentally built, award winning ‘Longhouse’ dining room. Mill on the Brue was selected as runner up in the 2007 BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards.

One to one Instructor

Your instructors will stay with their group for the entire length of the stay. We believe by having the same instructor (no more than 12 students) and an adult staff member of the party there is much more consistency and communication. Relationships between the instructor, students and member of the visiting staff flourishes and increases the level of trust and development of each student.

Teachers / Leaders

  • Proper beds in your tent.
  • Solar Electric light in your tent.
  • Kettle for hot drinks and your own fridge.

Bespoke programmes

We understand each group wants different outcomes from their visit and that is why we individually write your programme having asked you for your choice of activities.

To gain a better understand of how the week can vary so much we’ve written three sample programmes for a typical group spilt into four groups (no more than 12 children in a group)

Team Building Emphasis (download)

Environmental education emphasis (download)

Fun and development emphasis (download)

Availability - Summer 2017

Week day visits Weekend visits
May 8th – 12th May 5th – 7th
September 4th – 8th June 23rd – 25th
September 18th – 22nd September 22nd – 24th
September 25th – 29th