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“I want to thank you for Diane and Gabriel’s awesome week with you from 10-16th August, as proud members of the Squirrels. They will be back a hundred times over they loved it so much. The longing of their little sister is a bit of a painful thing but when she gets to become a squirrel in a couple of years, what a sense of achievement! They loved the food, hot chocolate, porridge, camping, some crazy game where you have to jump over a big puddle of mud or something like that. They basically loved every single thing. We drank the wine with our cousins in Bath on the very evening and toasted to your good health (the kids had a teeny weeny bit and drank to the good health of the dog Casey: sorry).”

A letter from Adam now too old to attend summer camp:
“I should say a massive thank you for the amazing time that I had over my eight summers coming to MoB. I most definitely feel that my experiences at MoB went far further than having a good time during the summer, they shaped and allowed me to better understand who I am, something that makes Mill on the Brue far more than an activity centre. To me it is a very special place, one that I will never forget.”