We are on the look out for outdoor professional instructors who want to further their career by coming to work at Mill on the Brue.  Being in Somerset the activities we offer are introductory sessions that will hopefully inspire our customers to continue enjoying the outdoors in an active, exciting way.  The Operations team place training a support to the instructors as a crucial element to the success of the company including soft skills.

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Unlike many other centres we believe that instructors need to be with the same group for their entire stay at Mill on the Brue thereby building a more solid trusting relationship with both the children and school staff.  Every instructor has to be competent in all 40 activities which may not be the same as climbing a large mountain or paddling a grade 4 river but it is certainly another type of challenge especially when you include continual development in learning about our overall outdoor classroom not just the hard skills!

Interviews in February and March.  Training week 28th March to 3rd April

Download an Instructor Application Form 2016 and Instructor Job Description 2016 .