Heather – Training and Personnel

Position at MoB

Training and Personnel

How long I’ve been at Mill on the Brue

Originally 1991, I left in 1993 and started again on 27th January 2020

Favourite music

I like so much from classical to pipe band, folk music to pop, even a little Country and Western.

Favourite Food

Tapas, Indian – but anything locally sourced and healthy.  I love salads!

Best place I’ve ever been

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden and the Hebrides in Scotland

Best day ever

Every day.

Ambition in life

To make the most of every day.

Passionate about

Helping people become the best they can be.  The outdoors and the environment using one to do the other.


Smiles, hugs, kindness, cooking, being outdoors, reading, watching the sunrise, beaches at sunset and trees.



Most interesting fact about you

I was born and brought up in Zimbabwe.  I am a qualified florist, I have a Chelsea Gold medal.