St.John – Environmental Tutor


Environmental Tutor

How long I’ve been at Mill on the Brue

July 2022, from Group Leader to Instructor to my current role

Favourite music

Love a bit of David Bowie

Favourite Food

The deliciously indulgent, heart attack inducing mess that is the Croque Monsieur

Best place I’ve ever been

The Okavango Delta in Botswana

Best day ever

My 28th birthday, lovely day on the south east coast with friends

Ambition in life

To have worked with animals on every continent

Passionate about

The environment, wildlife, making people happy, correcting people over minor nitpicks on the internet


Reptiles, surreal humour, birds, fantasy, world building & writing


Eggs, mushrooms, tailgating, people who slam doors unnecessarily

Most interesting fact about you

The hairs all natural, no curlers needed