A curry lunch at The Longhouse, Mill on the Brue

Sunday 3rd March 2013 from 12:30 pm

Tickets £15 per person

To book email tricia@millonthebrue.co.uk or ring 01749 812307

Tricia says “I am undertaking a challenging 72km trek in the Indian Himalayas in April 2013 organised by St Margaret’s Hospice.  Although I am paying for the trek myself I want to raise as much money as possible for the hospice.  My husband Tony died in 2009 – he had spent two weeks in St Margaret’s Hospice in Yeovil and even given his state of health it was the best experience possible.  As many people remark: the hospice gives people their dignity.  I am doing this trek in memory of Tony. So please join us for the lunch on Sunday 3rd March in the Longhouse or, if you can’t make a donation!

  • Auction of fablous prizes
  • A chance to go on the Mill on the Brue famous zip wire!

Charity Curry Lunch Menu

Beef Madras

Chicken korma

Butternut squash and coconut curry

Toorva daal

Sag Aloo

Pilaf rice

Vegetable samosas

Onion bahji

Naan bread


Cucumber ratia

Mango chutney & green tomatoe chutney

A selection of traditional Indian sweets


Thank you to: Phil the Butcher who has donated all the meats and A David for the vegetables, Strode College students for the waiting, Mill on the Brue staff for the catering, cooking, serving and providing zip wire cover.  All the generous individuals and businesses who have provided ‘lots’ for the action. Lucy and Robert Carter for designing the invitations. FWB for printing the invitations.

To book email tricia@millonthebrue.co.uk or ring 01749 812307