Last night at about mid-night, Dan Templar, who lives on Bruton High Street and MoB’s handyman, was woken by a dog barking.

It continued and he said he just knew something was wrong. He got dressed and went down the Street, heard the dog and also a smoke alarm. He looked in a window, the curtains were drawn back and it appeared that a woman was unconscious on the sofa. He banged on the window, peered through the letterbox shouting and could smell smoke. He ran back to his house, called the Fire brigade and then went back to the woman’s house, saw that she was still lying on the sofa, she didn’t wake or reply to his banging, so he forced the door, and with the help from a neighbour who by that time had heard the noise, put out the cooker fire, and gradually the woman gained consciousness. Dan waited till the Fire engines arrived and then went home.

Dan said modestly “That anyone would have done the same in that situation.”