High Ropes

Huge amount of challenging and fun! Each element has been designed to promote encouragement and support as some will find it easier or harder than others. It will push the participants flexibility, strength and balance and (activity dependent) can be a challenge for individuals or small groups.

Elements to choose:-

1) Leap of Faith - one person climbs up to the small platform & when instructed jumps off trying to touch the suspended ball.

2) Walk The Plank - An individual task with a three tier horizontal activity with the highest section involving two 5ft gaps to jump!

3) Gladiator Wall - A two person race up a series of different sections to climb to the top.

4) High All Aboard - 4 participants climb up one after the other to the platform - helping each other to stand up and hold hands.

5) Crate Stack - 2 participants keep standing on the ever increasingly tall stack of crates without trying to push them over.

All of the elements will involve the whole group helping to belay.

Duration: 1.5 hours per element