The Wonderful World of Energy Production

We use many forms of technology in the heating, energy use and water management of the centre in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Our aim is to be truly sustainable within the centre by generating the majority of our power, heat and maximising the use of rain water harvesting.

Heating the centre:

Geothermal heating from Kensa Engineering installed in the Longhouse since it’s completion in 2005.

Wood burner – 14kw Morso improving it’s heat distribution with our wood burner fan.

Main gas for the other buildings – we’ve replaced both boilers for the most efficient Bosch boilers on the market.

Water heating – the majority of the water needed for showers and washing is heated by solar thermal panels including for the kitchen in the Longhouse.

Electricity production:

We have two arrays of Solar Photovoltaic panels producing around 31% of our annual energy consumption.