Eco Code

How we help the environment

At Mill on the Brue our impact on the environment is at the heart of all our projects and activities.We are the proud to members of the Green Tourism Business Scheme being one of the first companies in Somerset to gain a Gold Award.

Please see below our eco code, which helps us keep on track with our green ethos:

  1. We are committed to reducing the negative impact on the environment.
  2. We follow the principles of reduce, recycle, reuse. Think before you put anything in the bin – check if there are recycling bins in the room or nearest one.
  3. The Centre uses locally sourced and ethically produced goods and local suppliers. We also concentrate on reducing packaging and components harmful to the environment. We use organic, seasonal vegetables and fruit where possible.
  4. We use heating, lighting and plumbing systems which reduce our energy and water consumption & have insulated above the recommended in all our buildings.
  5. Water, gas and electricity are monitored and we encourage all to reduce consumption by turning off lights and heaters when rooms are not occupied.
  6. Staff and customers alike are encouraged to reduce the environmental impact of transport to and from the centre by walking, car sharing or using public transport.
  7. We take action to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment in every aspect of our fieldwork.
  8. We communicate our eco-code through education and by involvement with local community groups. We provide bins for rubbish and recycling and encourage people to use them or take their rubbish home with them if they come for the day . We also organise litter picks in the town when necessary.
  9. We grow many organic vegetables at MOB. We aim to minimise food waste.
  10. We are self sufficient in wood burnt to provide additional heat in the Longhouse.
  11. We pay local suppliers first.
  12. We plant and manage habitats to encourage bio diversity.