“It was an opportunity to tell Somerset about Mill on the Brue’s 30th birthday which we are celebrating with a giant party later in the year. We are having a lunch for companies and organisations which we have worked with during the years, particularly those who have helped us out in so many different instances.

I recounted how we had started, my husband Tony being so keen on the outdoors, a Queen’s Scout, seconded to Outward Bound when he was in the army, and how we had had to devise our own activities when we lived in the Outer Hebrides for nearly five years. There was no TV at the time, no shops, so with our children and visitors we had to make our own entertainment. When Tony left the army it seemed natural to think about starting an outdoor activity centre.

We have a strong environmental ethos; having bought a golf course which had been sprayed constantly with chemicals, we put a stop to that, and planted over the years over 5,500 trees and reinstated metres of hedgerows.

I spoke about the three recessions we have survived, the risks we have taken. Also how our ambition is for sport and outdoor recreation to be put firmly back in the school curriculum, especially building on the success of the Olympics. How keen we were to be able to offer children from deprived areas the opportunity to come to Mill on the Brue as it can be a life changing experience.”