Having taken a few moments to pause and consider the amazing six weeks of our summer camps …

First I have to say a huge thank you to the instructors, group leaders and all the MoB staff for working so hard to make the children’s stay a fun and happy experience.

We were not helped by the rain which at times looked like it was more of tropical rain shower rather than Somerset! I’ve learnt that no matter the weather it barely dampens the childrens spirits. Having taken many months to plan the summer there is always a slight feeling of intrepidation on the first Sunday of our summer camps. I should know by now that after 30 years and my 9th year having returned as a director we all get into the mind set instinctively. You may not have been aware that this year we tried something slightly different and had two consecutive teams working headed up by our Chief Instructors Chloe and Joe. We all agree that it provided more consistancy and continuity to the children and an easier planning template for John to work with.

It was lovely to see many faces who have been coming to us for many years including Jack who as it was his last year decided to stay for two weeks and bring his Mill on the Brue repeat mug collection along (see photo). For me I’ve now reached the first year that Jack and a few others first came to us as 8 year old Squirrels and it’s been fantastic to see them grow into teenagers.

Apart from having a huge amount of fun trying lots of activities something that we may have overlooked is the amount of friendships that start and continue through many years. Our Facebook page(s) have lots of interest from past and present customers and staff alike.

  • Out of the 287 children that came to us over 1/3 had been to us before & 15% stayed for two weeks.
  • Nearly 50% came to MoB with a brother or sister. This immediately highlights that if there are any ways to reduce the cost of sending two or three or even four children from the same family to us would greatfully be received. Apart from booking early and being eligible for the early bird discount I would pay via the Child Care Voucher Scheme. A system that not so many parents are aware of and that can in simple terms will mean the cost of the holiday comes out of your pay before tax! For more information go to Kiddi Vouchers (a clear explaination of the advantages and how to sign up)
  • 27% of the children made use of our rail escort service and became honourly Railway children meeting our two instructors at Paddington Station on the Sunday morning. Year on year the numbers grow which we think is great to see.
  • Lastly we once again had a truely international 6 weeks with 17 countries represented. 69% of the children came from UK with the second largest contingent of 14% coming from Spain.

All the best and thank you,

Matt Rawlingson Plant