Whilst Bruce our estate manager is on sabbatical Dan from Ireland has been lending a hand keeping everything looking great and becoming WORM MAN!

Having weighed the food waste weekly from the visiting school groups since the beginning of September Mill on the Brue decided that it was time to take some action! We can’t feed it to pigs as was always done in the ‘old days’ so Instead of sending it to the Landfill we decided to invest in 20 kilos of tiger worms. Re-using and adapting an old chest freezer, lined with gravel, and some soil, there was excitement amongst the humans (and badgers) when they arrived and were tenderly placed in their new home. 20 kilos of worms is a lot of wriggle and curling but they very soon adapted, the badgers couldn’t get to them, and the worms are now very happily chomping away at the left overs, producing worm juice which is in an incredible fertiliser and breaking the waste down into compost.

The children (and adults) are fascinated by the worms and are very keen to feed them! They like everything except citrus & fermented apple (that is the worms not the children), and they need some tender loving care to make sure they are kept happy. Hopefully Mill on the Brue as solved another environmental problem – watch this space!