For months we’ve been planning this project and now it’s finished!

The new Garden Cabin is able to accommodate 12 children in three bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms plus a visiting staff bedroom and bathroom. We think this will give our all year round residential accommodation more flexibility for our customers.

With a huge amount of help from the MoB Estate team and instructors the ground works for the garden cabin were completed on time and before the prefrabricated structure arrived.

Over 60 tons of earth was moved from the site in order to set the correct levels and man handle the very heavy concrete plinths into place. Fortunately the 60 tons of earth has been used for another earth bank around our new solar photovoltaic panels (see the article).

As the Structurally Insulated Panels arrived we felt like ants lifting lots of pieces of this jigsaw into the garden so that the contractors could put it all up! Amazingly in only five days the main structure had been erected and temporarily made water tight until the western red cedar roof shingles had been nailed into place. The Garden Cabin was used for the first time in the first weekend of May.