As part of our environmental commitement we’ve installed a 4 kw system on the clubhouse roof. We think we’re the first private UK Outdoor Acitvity Centre to be producing electricity.

There was so little rain by the end of March that our rainwater harvesting tank dried up but the solar thermal panels have been saving on the gas bills. Since we installed the solar thermal panels (hot water heaters) in December 2009 we alone saved 1183 m3 of gas or 14% reduction in total gas usage plus a reduction of 2,704 kw by not having electric showers.

That now means I can be happy whatever the weather!

And the wormery …………… we have discovered by trial and error that worms will not automatically chomp their way through food waste as we had optimistically thought. They have to be trained and it’s the third generation which learns. Well there are now hundreds of babies and they seem to like food waste so we are hoping that this is the answer! so far they do enjoy bread and pasta so it’s looking more hopeful.