Barry has been working mostly in the vineyard for the whole of July!

Apart from looking after all the animals (including our new chicks) it has been a crucial time in the vineyards growing period. Thanks to Richard Doudney for his help as it took a 1/2 days work to prune back each row, and there are over 30 of them!

Hopefully with the good weather we’ve so far in 2011 the harvest in October will be a high yield. Last years total was 640 bottles of dare I say it very drinkable wine. The feed back from visiting teaching staff and the parents picking their children up from our summer camps has also been very encouraging which is lovely to hear especially when giving it to nationalities who come from France, Span, Germany and Italy!

Other news: Kune kune pigs have moved home for a different view to the other side of the challenge track 1. They seem very happy to root up the grass and watch the children walking to the low ropes and night line field. Barnaby (Matt’s nephew) gave a helping hand to the estate team by mucking out the old house which will make fantastic manure.

The vegetable garden has been blooming in the warm weather with even our amazing vegetables and fruit.